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Xprog 5.70 Auto ecu programmer is New XPROG-M Box ECU Programmer. Xprog m box 5.70 with xprog 5.70 download software. V5.70 XPROG-M Box ECU Programmer with usb dongle. Sep 14, 2017 Xprog 5.3 software; Xprog m 5.0 download; Xprog-m 5.3; Xprog box 5. El Urbanismo Ecologico Pdf here. 46; Xprog-box software 5.3; X-prog 5.3; Immo code calculator download; Xprog. Hipath 3000 Manager E V7 Chord. 4.8 software and the video of upgrade xprog 5 0 to 5.4.8 xprog-m Free Download Link: XPROG-BOX 5.4.8. Not the copy of files from 5.3 to 5.0. Really chinese ver5.3 dongle break. The carprog 4.74 is better protected whit vprotect and i need to unpack but. Kpg-49d 4.20 Download. Its difficult. This is the link of ver 5.3 without dongle and works ok in 5.0 hardware.