Uninstallwinclient Exe Landesk Management

Landesk Management Console 2016 Tutorial

Definition LANDESK Remote Control is a software component of the LANDESK Management Suite application released by LANDESK software. IT professionals can use LANDESK Remote Control to monitor and fix remote computers. Download Driver Lettore Smart Card Ez100pu Smart. The Remote Control application works by allowing technical support staff or administrators to access computers with the application installed via the LANDESK Management Suite support application.

Reason Core Security anti-malware scan for the file Uninstallwinclient.exe. Uninstallwinclient.exe LANDesk Software. Firm uses LANDESK Management Suite in an.

Capabilities Administrators can perform a wide range of tasks on a target computer with LANDESK Remote Control. Technical support staff can use the application to fix software and hardware errors via remote access, rather than spending time explaining procedures to customers over the phone. LANDESK Remote Control can also be used to monitor the activities on a target computer to ensure that they are in compliance with company policy. Application Benefits Administrators can improve the quality and efficiency of technical case support by fixing problems directly on the affected computer. LANDESK Remote Control also allows administrators to more efficiently administer security updates and patches to several computers without needing to leave their desks. These group distribution capabilities are further enhanced by the ability to schedule bootup, shutdown, reboot and application launch remotely through LANDESK Management Suite. Features Administrators can use LANDESK Remote Control to administer any computer on their local network from a Web browser.