Trimble Dc File Editor

Trimble Dc File Editor

Thanks, Marv. I had to call Trimble support, but I finally got it. Boy is it confusing though.

We're used to the old Geodimeter fieldbooks, so I'm trying to walk my way through this new setup. Are there any white papers out there that help describe these things? We've got 'Instrument, Precisions and Trav Options' repeated over and over and over. Those are survey styles, right? I'm not sure what our guys out in the field did, but they're in there like 12 times.

'Marv_McD' wrote in message news:252203683461.JavaMail.jive@jiveforum2.autodesk. Download Medal Of Honor 2010 Pc Iso on this page. com. >Kirsten, >We do to an extent.

Jump to Open.DC File Editor via Terramodel - Open DC File Editor via Terramodel. In Terramodel. Type DCEDIT at the command line and press Enter. In DC File Editor. If Terramodel reports 'Command not available', you can alias the command like this: In Terramodel. Type ALIAS at the command line. Coordinate Systems in Survey Controller (*.dc) Files...... Using a Scale Factor-Only Coordinate. How to Import Files in Trimble Geomatics Office........... Events that May Occur When Importing Files..dc files, use the DC File Editor utility. For more information about.dc files, refer to the DC File Editor Help.

It is useful for editing raw data ( ie fixing target hts, changing feature codes). The executable is called DCeditor.exe. Search your hard drive for it. It isn't accessable from the trimble link menu.