Tiberium Wars V1 09 Patch Crack

Diablo V1.09 Patch

Version 1. Camtasia Studio 8 Key And Name Generator. 09 Patch Notes - October 24, 2007 This patch for Command & Conquer 3 Tiberium Wars fixes several bugs, makes balance changes across all three sides, adds a new four-player multiplayer map, and more. Fixed an error that sometimes caused players to unexpectedly type-select multiple unit types at once due to an interface lag when rapidly switching between unit types during online play.

Structures now lose Ground Control radius as soon as they are destroyed. Previously they continued providing Ground Control for several seconds while their husks remained onscreen. Fixed an error that caused some infantry units to continue approaching their targets while firing, rather than firing while standing at their maximum range. Fixed an error that caused upgraded Power Plants and Reactors to continue providing power for several seconds after being destroyed. Fixed an error that allowed players to detect enemy structures through the shroud by using the Set Rally Point marker.

Fixed an error that caused computer-controlled players with the 'Turtle' personality to not build base defenses as expected. Nod Avatar's flamethrower upgrade now correctly shows a garrison-clearing effect. /New Map: Wrecktropolis/ The ongoing conflict between the forces of GDI, the Brotherhood of Nod, and the Scrin have taken a tremendous toll on the world, as evidenced by countless ruined husks of cities. Ni License Activator 1.2 on this page. Wrecktropolis is one such example. This is a four-player map available for unranked matches. /Rebalanced Map: Barstow Badlands/ This map is now slightly larger: There is more buildable area near players' starting bases, and the chokepoints are not as narrow. Garrisonable structures should now be symmetrical for both players.