Tech View Ip Camera Setup

Hi there gang. I have reported this to Jaycar and have yet to get a reply. I have given them a few weeks to manage the situation but I am now at the stage were I am concerned for all those out there that may have their Techview Cameras compromised. Here is the sequence of documented events – I would be happy if someone could point out a benign explanation. We have since returned the cameras to Jaycar who happily exchanged them for the older models. (thank you to Jaycar:) 1) we purchased 2 x QC-3834 and 1 x QC-3836 (26/3/15) and were very happy with them 2) later (1/4/15) we go back and purchase two more cameras, and on advice of the Store staff (very friendly) we buy the newer models on the basis of higher resolution. 1x QC-3842 and 1x QC3846 3) We installed them and found much to our disappointment that the firmware has completely changed.

Hikvision Ip Camera Setup

Chess Books Pdf Torrent. Neither of the two sets of cameras work on the same software and we have had to change our systems. The last problem we encountered was that the new systems did not seem to have FTP to server capabilities. 4) When accessing the camera we are able to pan/tilt but unable to see a live feed on. Microsoft Office 2007 Enterprise German Iso-HS.