Super Mario Kart Double Dash Iso

Mario Kart Double Dash Iso Mega

Mario Kart: Double Dash!! Cheats For GameCube • Turbo Boost after Lakitu Retrieval If you fall off the track or get stuck underwater for more than a couple moments, Lakitu comes to pull you out and place you on the track again. Celebrity By Ovation Serial Numbers. When he picks you up, wait until just before you touch the track again, then press the acceleration and you'll get a turbo boost if you timed it correctly. Contributed by: DBM11085 • Mushroom City Quick Boosts As you may have noticed on the Mushroom City course, among the traffic are vehicles shaped/colored like the Mushroom items. If you run into them, you don't spin out like you would against other cars; rather a Mushroom is thrown from the back for you to collect/use for a quick boost! Contributed by: DBM11085 • Pipe Plaza Glitch In the balloon battle mode on the Pipe Plaza map.

If an enemy hits you into a pipe with their weapon, and you are thrown through the pipe then you will not lose a balloon. Instead, you will come out of the pipe with stars around you and it will appear as though you just drove through the pipe. Contributed by: vulcandragon • Japanese Contest code After completing a Time Trial race (When it says Retry, Change Track, etc,), press L,R,L,R,X,Y,X,Y,Z. The code that pops up was for a Japanese contest. Totally useless, but it's interesting that they forgot to take that out. Contributed by: Gamecube_Gamer • Mario Circuit Goomba Boosts If the Goombas on Mario Circuit are hit with a turtle shell, they will be squished into the ground and a boost will fly off them.