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Unfortunately some Bible study systems still use old non-standard fonts which map greek and hebrew to the latin character set. You would have to download those yourself. But I would strongly recommend you not go that route if possible, as it makes your work dependent on readers having these old fonts.

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Ch341ser Driver Windows 10. Greek and Hebrew fonts Any use of the BibleWorks fonts is permitted as long as the font files are not sold or modified, and as long as BibleWorks LLC is openly acknowledged as the copyright holder. Fonts are made available on an as-is basis without warranty or claim of suitability, and BibleWorks technical support for use of the fonts cannot be provided. The official copyright notice for the BibleWorks fonts is shown as follows: 'BWHEBB, BWHEBL, BWTRANSH [Hebrew]; BWGRKL, BWGRKN, and BWGRKI [Greek] PostScript® Type 1 and TrueType fonts Copyright ©1994-2015 BibleWorks, LLC. All rights reserved. These Biblical Greek and Hebrew fonts are used with permission and are from BibleWorks ('