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Ssangyong diagnostic tool scanner: It can read fault codes of ECU of cars,clear fault codes of ECU,read data streams.etc. This is cathy wang from JBT Auto S& T Co.,Ltd. JBT is aiming at supplying auto diagnostic solution and automotive maintenance equipments, and is advanced, professional and authoritative automotive manufacturer.

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I got an inquiry about our JBT-V-GP universal auto diagnostic scanner from you, please allow me to use this chance to introduce JBT auto scanners to you, and hope we can supply suitable products to you and you are satisfied with our services. Auto scanner is used to diagnose electronic problems of cars. It can read fault codes of ECU of cars, clear fault codes of ECU, then turn off fault indicator light on dashboard in order to make cars run normally. It can read data stream of sensors of cars, test actuators, program ECU and copy keys. 6 Led Usb Camera Driver Download.

It is popular and common in garages to use. For example, there is a car, it has Engine fault indicator light on dashboard, then car can not run well, technician should use JBT auto scanner to connect 16pin diagnsotic link connector of car, of course, cars have different pin, such as Honda has 16pin and 3pin, Subaru has 16pin and 9pin, Nissan has 16pin and 14pin, Toyota has 16pin and 22pin, JBT auto scanner can read codes of ECU, and give meaning of codes, and then technicians can repair the car according to meaning of codes, and technician should use JBT auto scanner to clear codes after he repairs car, and then car can run normally.