Spore Save Game Files Download

Spore Save Game File Download

As this is a tweak, and not a traditional mod, there is no download. To install it, you need to make 2 simple edits to 2 different.txt files in your Spore GA Data folder(Untested on Core Spore). Manuale Per Patente Nautica Download.

Open.Electronic Arts SPORE_EP1 Data Config folder. Open ConfigManager.txt Add boolProp disableValidation true on a new line at the bottom of file and save it. Libro Contabilidad Financiera Pdf Printer. Open Properties.txt Add property disableValidation 0x055d7ca1 bool true on a new line at the bottom of file and save it.

Spore Savegame Editor. Ds Spore Save Game. A SEGA Dreamcast VMU backup utility that allows you to transfer your savegame files from/to your PC A SEGA. Spore PC Save Game 100% Complete. Save game download file size: 9.9 MB Spore Save Game Description. The game done 100% Complete – The game passed to the cosmos.

Launch Spore, Enjoy! This mod removed the save block on my game without any mods. I just launched the editor, and hit save, which saved a spine fine. This tweak also works on Origin and Retail Spore. Untested on GoG Spore, but it probably works there too. The strangest thing happened when I tried this.