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Up until yesterday (24th October 2012) SoundFlower was working fine on my mac to enable me to hear Adobe Audition C5.5 and RECORD what I was hearing through my speakers - was using Soundflower 2ch set up for input and output, and then setting Soundflower to Built-in Output in order to hear and then record what I was hearing through Adobe Audition. Today, 25th October 2012, I boot up and it won't work. Now I can't hear Adobe either but i can hear iTunes. I searched on Google and my heart sank as I saw threads about Mountain Lion OS problems and Soundflower. Any ideas/help?

(ps I've tried loading previous versions of Soundflower but no joy - you go back too far and you get the Power progs are not supported anymore message) - Rory iMac, Mac OS X (10.7.3) Posted on Oct 25, 2012 4:39 AM. Before you follow the steps below:- Go to PREFERENCES>Security & Privacy - you need 'Anywhere' selected in your 'allows applications downloaded from' section. Anyway - the solution I've found/discovered/worked out myself with a combination of helpful forum listings:- In order for Soundflower to work on Mountain Lion 10.8.2 you need to CREATE A NEW MIDI DEVICE You can do this via Finder>Applications>Utilities>Audio Midi Setup Hit the + at the bottom and select CREATE MULTI OUTPUT DEVICE. Then configure via this weblink picture (section 2 screen shot) Then highlight the new multi device so it has a blue border around it and click on the cog at the bottom and select USE THIS DEVICE FOR SOUND OUTPUT.

Then go to the Apple (top right of your screen)>Preferences>Sounds. Select Soundflower 2ch for INPUT and MULTI-OUTPUT DEVICE for your output. The soundflower black petals icon will not appear in your quick menu, top right, but it will work. You should now be able to RECORD and LISTEN to the audio you're playing (I've been recording through Adobe C5.5). Hope this works for you.