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I ask you to be clear not like this 😉 Don’t be sad we did not mean any thing but we are facing a high pressure come for guys asking for help and you can see the comments by yourself. Any way your problem is that file you download is a torrent file and you need to use utorrent app to download the CS6 package which about 7.14GB and this file you have is in KB. Keygen F1 2012 Mac. Here download the torrent app (utorrent) then open the file you download with it: Then wait until you finish downloading the CS6 apps. Thank you its very kind of you to be so helpful, I do like to be clear and detailed as sometimes there may be another newbie like myself looking at this going through the same thing. I appreciate your reply and understand the Utorrent process your described and linked although as I mentioned, I had already started this process before and I have the ‘CS6 MastrColl’ (CS6 master collection) file on my desk top: Is that the same as one? I guess it is as the size is the same.

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What is the next step in the process to download? The keygen you have provided at the top of this page is for the ‘CC’ versions of this app I have already tried it I appreciate you are all busy and replying to many messages.

Thank you for all your Mac wizardry! Apologies for this cross-website question, but I feel it is related as I see the problem has come up with a few other people on a variety of other torrent sites (but not here): I have downloaded Adobe Lightroom from “mac-torrent-download” which is supposed to be a safe moderated site however, my Bitdefender virus software is indicating the software has a few Viruses: eg Application.MAC. Simcom Flash Update Tool V1 10. OSX.Keygen Does anyone have any idea if these are malicious or is Bitdefender miss-identifying? INFECTED APP Application.MAC.OSX.Keygen.J INFECTED APP Application.MAC.OSX.Keygen.F Adobe Creative Cloud INFECTED APP Application.MAC.OSX.Keygen.A Adobe Master Collection CS6 Offline •.