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My other question Jeff is this, every time I use the serial it accepts then rejects it, i put in a second one and it works. But i have to repeat this process everytime I use the software. I just mentioned this but I tried working around it but using a (run-as-date app/ and changed the host file w/ notepad) it doesnt help anything. I have even more questions particularly about bluebugging software, i just started researching it and I am curious as to what software that actually is?? How does it work?

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Dont know if you can PM here on this site? Thank you everybody for the helpful advice 1). Keygens are illegal and highly dangerous (oops;-) 2.) VBN code? (nice - look into that) 3.) sandboxie virtualbox (read about that in 2600 -havent used it yet) AVG says: Trojan horse Agent3.AVUK Yeah that is what I did; disable RS, run key, open prog, enable RS I am just looking in deeper to the issue, kind of like when someones asks you how a toilet works you say sure, you press the button and it flushes. Despite the fact that there is actually much more to flushing that turd down. (warning not original thought - ripped off from psych book (Invisible Gorilla). That's a bit suggestive, no?