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I have 3 Original XBoxs. All of which I was able to softmod. The first one flawless, added a SATA HDD using an adapter(after reading that a 80 wire IDE cable was needed). They way I did was: 1 - Copy Splinter Cell game same to hdd 2 - Copy SID 5.12 game save to hdd 3 - Launch Splinter Cell 4 - Create Backups 5 - Load the dash 6 - FTP to my PC 7 - Copy CHIMP 2.6.8 to hdd 8 - Copy C, E, X, Y, Z drives to PC 9 - Run Xboxhdmv1.9, putting files where they need to be 10 - Run the linux.iso, option 1 11 - Run Xboxhd 12 - Generate Eeprom (opt. 6) 13 - Create Dos Floppy w/Locking tools (opt. 7) 14 - Build New Xbox HD (option 1) 15 - Start Xbox (original Softmodded hdd) 16 - Attach new hdd as slave removing the DVD 17 - Run Chimp 18 - Lock Slave Drive from eeprom.bin 19 - Reboot with new drive as master.Works like a champ Now for #2 and #3 same steps followed but with both of these I could not get chimp to run, was able to lock the disks with xboxhdm but the xboxes would not unlock them. (ERROR 06) And yes I used the eeprom.bin files from the appropriate xboxs.

I went through the same process each time. I am able to unlock the drives using xboxhdm. Chemdraw Torrent Crack Code there.

Nov 30, 2016 - Original Xbox Softmod HDD Upgrade Issues - posted in Modern Gaming: I have 3 Original XBoxs. ($20) It's a simple serial cable you attach to the Xbox mobo to extract the eeprom.bin file using your PC and free software. There are YouTube. Download the 2014 'shambles' Hexen disk from theisozone. Download EvoX Dasheeprom recovery tool • Tools @ The Iso Zone • The Ultimate Retro Gaming Resource. Can be used to get eeprom.bin. Sep 12, 2011 Tutorial on how to read your Original Xbox eeprom using an eeprom reader. Pinnacle Tv Center Serial Code. Here is where to buy the eeprom reader and 3 discs.