Opera Pms System Version 5.0 Download

System Version 5.0

Casio Cv 31 Download. To achieve Oracle Validated Integration, Oracle partners are required to meet a stringent set of requirements that are based on the needs and priorities of the customers. Changing a PMS infrastructure is a time and money consuming procedure, which can cause missed opportunities for hotel chains who are looking to expand their hotel portfolio. With the SmartCONNECT for PMS, hotel chains that use the OPERA Room Reservation System can now easily onboard any (franchise) hotel that uses a different Property Management System. Pitrik van der Lubbe, founder of SmartHOTEL stated: 'We are very happy to have built this integration for OPERA RRS 5.5. This is a real game changer for hotel chains and groups worldwide.

The SmartCONNECT for PMS opens up the possibility to grow and expand by breaking the barriers of hotels using different PMS infrastructures. The strong technology behind Oracle Hospitality combined with our knowledge of Online Distribution is what makes our partnership strong and effective, and enables us to make seamless integrations for Oracle Hospitality software.' 'Achieving Oracle Validated Integration gives our customers confidence that the integration between SmartCONNECT and OPERA RRS 5.5 is functionally sound and performs as tested, ' said David Hicks, vice president, Worldwide ISV, OEM and Java Business Development, Oracle.