Learn how to register MSCOMCT2.OCX file for Excel's Date Time Picker (Calendar Control) for 32 Bit & 64. Does anyone know how I can install mccomct2.ocx on a. This is mscomct2.ocx with the date and time picker. I downloaded the file from the. Oct 16, 2013 - Type CMD and press Enter (if you use Windows ME, type COMMAND). Change default directory to OCX directory using CD C: WINDOWS SYSTEM32; Type regsvr32 MSCOMCT2.OCX and press Enter. Register MSCOMCT2. In case it doesn't work, you will have to download new MSCOMCT2.OCX to your. Install

I am trying to install a simple drop-down calendar in a spreadsheet for Excel 2013. After some searching, I found multiple instructions on how to do this, however they all hinge on installing 'Microsoft MonthView Control' in the toolbox in VBA. When I go to this toolbox, the Microsoft MonthView Control is missing.

More searching, and I come across a number of solutions that require me to add a file to include this control. These solutions I found, all go through several sites, but ultimately point to the following website, which does not see to work.

Is there any other way to get this control installed? Another location for the files? I have windows 7, x64, office 2013. Have a look at the link below; particularly the first post and the answer by Shibis. If you are having problems locating the correct file then also have a look at post by Graham Mayor where it appears that he has a copy of the file on his site. Read the information carefully and establish whether you have a 32 bit version of office or a 64 bit version because I am fairly sure that the date and time picker does not work in 64 bit version.

Plutarco Le Vite Parallele Pdf Download there. Just a little more to think about. Depending on the range of dates that you want to select from I have found in the past that it can be better to create a ComboBox with a range of dates that will cover the dates the user is likely to need. With a little work in VBA, it is possible to have a dynamic list of dates if say the date to be selected will always be in the last month or maybe the next month. Alternatively you can have 3 combo boxes and select a year, month and day. If you want help to create such a solution then let me know together with the range of dates (earliest and latest dates) that you want available.