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The Minimoog V is everything the original could have been and more, at a fraction of the price! The Minimoog V looks like the original, and yes, it sounds like it too - minus the noise, instability and other problems associated with analog circuitry. Some may say that is the very character desired in analog synthesizers, but you just can't knock a totally pristine and clean Moog sound that's equally as fat as the original all the way up to 96kHz and 24-bit digital quality in STEREO! The Minimoog V is a software instrument for Mac and PC compatible with all standard formats (VST, DXi, Audio Units, MAS, RTAS, HTDM, and more).

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Upon first impression, the Minimoog V is big! It takes up a lot of screen space, but since it is an almost exact replica of the Minimoog, you'll appreciate the size once you start twisting knobs and editing sounds.

The original Minimoog was a monophonic synth with three oscillators. This version also has three oscillators but is polyphonic! You can choose from 1 through 8 and 16 or 32 voices of polyphony for each sound patch. That alone takes the famous Minimoog sound into territories the original never could go!

And speaking of sound patches, the original had no memory, but there's virtually unlimited patch memory here, and the Minimoog V ships with over 400 programmed patches, many by famous artists! Patches include: Basses, Arpeggios, EFX, Keyboards, Leads, Pads, Percussion, Horns, Synths, and Template patches. Free Software Program Kasir Full. The Templates are a great starting point for creating your own Leads, Pads, Basses, etc. The front panel controls replicate the look and layout (and underlying synth architecture) of the original.

There are three oscillators, each with selectable Triangular, Sawtooth, Square, Saw/Triangular, Wide Rectangular and Narrow Rectangular waveforms. Oscillator 1 has an Osc Sync switch, while Oscillators 2 and 3 have fine tune knobs. The Mixer section has On/Off switches and Level knobs for each of the three oscillators as well as the Noise Generator (white or pink) and External Stereo Audio Input. Next stop for after the Mixer section is the famous Moog 24dB/oct lowpass filter, replicated here by Arturia to perfection! The same 6 knobs as the original: Cutoff, Emphasis (resonance), Amount, Attack time, Decay time, and Sustain time.