Medieval 2 Total War Units Addon Mod V1.0 Download

The mod is created for M2TW using patch 1.2 without the expansion. I don't have Kingdom expansion. The mod might not work for those using patch 1.5. Fergie The Dutchess Deluxe Edition Zip. All units were done using existing resources.

Medieval 2 Total War Units Addon Mod V1.0 Download

The mod will add units to complement the game, no vanilla stats or units were modify. (Please see the general fix section below for full details.) All units were done to resembled CA's effort. A lot of careful attention to planning and details were done.

Further I used the retrofit mod as base, incorporated the guam v6 (more units from kingdoms and custom battle), and altered it to my liking (mostly where and what to recruit), although the stone fort mod, so you can build stone forts in the grand campaign (they tend to self destruct if left unattended).

The cost, stats, upgrade are all based on CA's system. The mod isn't meant to balance the game. I got it to work. But i didnt use the shortcut changing target method coz it never worked due to invalid target. Instead i used Method C which can be found in the installation instructions from the downloaded files. Just scroll all the way down and you can see it.

Just add '[io] file_first = true' to the very bottom of medieval 2 preference in notepad. Save it and tick for read only and launching it from original executable will get it working. PS.(Author's installation instructions suck) +4 votes.