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Software Nomenclature Radios Associated With Radio Use Manual Radio Service Manual Other Radio Information KPG-121d v 1.01 TK-3301e, 3301t KPG-122d None KPG-123d v 1.01 TK-2260EX, 3360EX KPG-124d v 1.30, DN, DC TK-7302, 8302 (DN for Narrowband) KPG-125d None KPG-126d None KPG-127d v 1.10 TK-3178L (MPT) KPG-128d v 1.31, DN, DC TK-2360, 3360 (DN for Narrowband) KPG-129d v 1.50 NXR-710, 810 KPG-130d v??? TK-T300E TETRA KPG-131d None KPG-132T v????????? KPG-133d None KPG-134d v 2.32, DN, DC TK-2312, 3312, 2317, 3317 (DN for Narrowband) KPG-135d v 2.11, DN TK-7360, 8360 (DN for Narrowband) KPG-136d None KPG-137d v 2.20 TK-2000, 3000, TKU-300 KPG-138d v 1.00 TK-2310R KPG-139d None KPG-140d None KPG-141d v 1.21, DN, DC NX-220, 320, 720HG, 820HG KPG-142d None KPG-143d v 1.10, DN NX-200S, 300S, 210,410,411, 700H, 800H, 900, 901 (MPT) (DN for Narrowband) KPG-144d None. Software Nomenclature Radios Associated With Radio Use Manual Radio Service Manual Other Radio Information KPG-145d None KPG-146d None KPG-147NC v 1.00 KMC-51, 52 Mic Programmer KPG-148d None KPG-149RM v 1.10 NXR-700, 800, 710, 810 KPG-150AP v 1.20 Nexedge OTAP Software KPG-151AE v??? KWD-AE21, KWD-DE21 Encryption KPG-152d v???

TK-3310 KPG-153d v??? TK-P721 KPG-154d v??? TK-M721 KPG-155d v??? TK-P701 KPG-156d None KPG-157d None KPG-158d v 1.00 TK-2402V, 2406, 2407, 3402U, 3407 KPG-159DN v 1.00 TK-2402V, 3402U LMR KPG-160d v 1.00 TK-2400, 3400 LMR & Protalk KPG-161d Not Yet Assigned KPG-162d Not Yet Assigned KPG-163d Not Yet Assigned KPG-164d Not Yet Assigned KPG-165d Not Yet Assigned KPG-166d Not Yet Assigned KPG-167d Not Yet Assigned KPG-168d Not Yet Assigned Special Software Version Description Remarks KAS-10 3.05 AVL Dispatch Software KGS-3? AVL Dispatch Software.

Programming Info for the TK-981 The TK-981, both Version 1 and 2 radios, are programmed for the amateur band by using KPG-49D which is Kenwood programming software (i.e. Copyrighted software, not freeware) and then saving the file and running KW900EZP. Mac Goodsync Keygen more. exe, which is a freeware program developed by Pete, N2MCI. There are 5 versions of KPG-49D software, however, for the sake of simplicity and since it is the 21st century, I am only going to speak of versions 4.xx which are Windows based. KPG-49D Version 2 and 3.01 are DOS based and not fun to use, while KPG-49D versions 4.xx are Windows based and will work on ANY Windows computer running 95 thru Windows 10 once again, CPU speed does not matter!

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