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/ DE 3D live grafix SE 2.4 NeoN 3D live grafix is a fast, easy to use and fairly powerful raytracing program that offers many possibilities for creating images and animations. The program package consists of two parts: the 'Object Editor' where you first design the objects which you then place using the 'Scenery Editor' in a virtual scene from which the final image is calculated. Both modules are operated entirely with the mouse, so you don't have to bother with cryptic scene or object description files in text format. Includes NeoN 'Text 3D' text generator. Ennio Morricone For A Few Dollars More Midi File. Tested under Windows 7 64 bit, may need software compatibility mode and/or administrative rights to run properly.

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German language version. EN 3D Studio Max 2.5 3D Studio MAX, the world's best selling professional 3D modeling and animation software for PCs has once again outdone itself.Now it is even better. More Powerful.

With a list of over 1000 new features and enhancements to add to its already extensive core capabilities, 3D Studio MAX R2.5 incorporates still more advanced capabilities that meet the escalating needs of 3D modelers & animators, broadcast production professionals, and interactive game developers including enhanced NURBS,Displacement and3D Motion Tracking. 3D Studio MAX is production proven, delivering the results you need to win in this business. While every other package is re-tooling to become object-oriented, 3D Studio MAX is already in its second-generation Windows NT release. Its object-oriented architecture is perfect for this fast-changing industry because it enables developers and Kinetix to create startling new features and plug-in applications that quickly integrate into the core package. 3D Studio MAX is fully multi-threaded, harnessing the power of multiple processors and free network rendering for incredible scalability.