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Easily share settings with your team VisualGDB includes a convenient mechanism for sharing numerous types of settings and presets with your entire team. How To Shutterstock Pd V2. Simply configure a shared settings directory and then instantly share remote hosts, aliases, toolchain definitions, embedded packages, quick debug settings and common preferences to all computers using the same shared settings directory. Configure team settings on your TFS build server and never experience the need to manually keep the global settings up-to-date. Advanced IntelliSense with refactoring VisualGDB includes a powerful Clang-based IntelliSense engine that fully supports GCC-specific code and is integrated with Make, QMake and CMake. Advanced features include: • Create implementations for newly added methods • Create-from-use for methods and constructors • Automatic implementation of interfaces • Edit-driven renaming with C++11 support • Automatic corrections of common errors and typos • Preprocessor lens to understand complex preprocessor macros • Code Map for functions, methods, variables and more in C++ code. I just wanted to tell you the great experience we have had using your product. Most of our PC development is done with Visual Studio but our Linux development has suffered because we had to use an unsupported eclipse environment.

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