Install Qnap Software On Pc

Hi, I guess the question is also valid for the Synology NAS OS. They are both open source and available under GPL. Has anyone tried to install.

Qnap Install App Manually

[XVortex] pulled off a pretty incredible firmware hack. Download Twin Usb Vibration Gamepad Driver For Windows 8 more. He managed to get a firmware upgrade for. These are both Network Attached Storage devices, but apparently the Synology firmware is better than what QNAP supplies with their offerings. The nice thing is that this is not a one-off hack. You can download the raw image and give it a spin for yourself. Factory Men Lightroom Presets Collection. A few words of warning though.

It will only work on models which use the Atom and ICH9R chipset, you’re out of luck if you have one sporting an ARM processor. You will also need to format the drives once the new firmware is flashed so do this before you fill them up. This harkens back to the days when DD-WRT was first being run on Linksys routers. We don’t remember if that started with upgrade image hacks like this one uses, or if the source code was available (Linksys was compelled to release it once it was proven they were in violation of the GPL). See a proof video of this hack after the break.