Install Ie Activex Ie_Plugins.Exe From Cd Or Download From Internet

Install Ie Activex Ie_Plugins.Exe From Cd Or Download From Internet

You will be prompted to install an ActiveX Control - an add-on for Internet. Download Links to Client Install. Installing the ActiveX add-on for IE. Jan 07, 2017 How To Install ActiveX Controls in Internet Explorer Using. Install ActiveX controls from the Internet without. Internet Explorer.

Purchased an H.264 8 Cam DVR-9108VH standalone unit and set it up for remote viewing. After forwarding the desired ports and registering a DYNDNS name to point to the IP i went to access the unit remotely via web browser. When you navigate to the unit remotely for the first time it will give you a page to download and install the required active X controls etc however doing so would send us in an infinite loop. The file is located via and even though installing it successfully, when going to the address of the DVR we would be greeted by the same page to download and install the Active X Controls. Here are some simply steps to a problem that caused 12hours of frustration.

NB: Applies to H.264 DVR's using NetSurveillance WEB for remote access. Download and install 2. Goto C: Windows and create directory 'NetSurveillance' 3.

Download from the following link and extract contents to C: Windows NetSurveillance () 4. Run 'install.bat' with administrator priviledges 5.

Navigate to the IP or Dyndns name to remote access your DVR 6. Allow access to run Active X Controls 7. Log in to your DVR!!

Ceremony Zip Mediafire. NB: Active X controls may need to changed via Internet Explorer to allow IE to prompt you. SImply change the appropriate active X settings in IE ->Internet Option->Security->Gungrave Ost. Custom Level to either enable or prompt. If this helps anyone out there, i'll be happy as there is absolutely nothing out there on this subject!

I've never been so frustrated. I have one of these, but can you find any information on it? And I've tried your method on my netbook running Windows 7 and IE8 but no luck.