Install Aloha Pos On Windows 7

Install Aloha Pos On Windows 7

Windows 7 and Server 2008 will be the OS of choice for BOH machines and Windows Embedded Standard (WES) and Windows Embedded POSReady 2009 (WEPR) will replace XP Pro and XPe on. More information regarding Aloha installation with W7 and Server 2008 can be found on the Radiant Knowledge Base. Long story short I have an aloha POS that I've been sitting on for a little while now, id like to get it going to replace my old school 80s registers and get ri. You should install windows 7 32 bit just for updates, and security should you need remote support. There are many little things that need to be set.

Hi!, Well, since Windows 10 is a free update I'm trying to get our Windows 7 systems updated. On my lab key system with Windows 10 32 bit I've updated it, manually edited the LANA and got the terminals bouncing (Still see a LANA error in the logs though, haven't jumped into that yet.). I'm running into a problem with grinding though. I get the 'Missing security key' when it gets to the trans.log part of the grind.

Funny that Aloha works otherwise. Any thoughts on why it won't grind, but works otherwise?

They key is good, and was working under Windows 7 with zero issues. Stay ahead of the game by verifying compatibility along a migration path before said path must be taken, not by trying to use existing versions software on operating systems which haven't yet had the majority of the bugs worked out. We started trying software on Windows 7 about a year and a half before XP's end of extended support, not back in 2009 as soon as Windows 7 came out.

We basically never trialed anything on Windows 8, but instead strongly recommending that clients not employ it. As for Windows 10, I have no plan to try it in an 'appliance' or embedded role in anything until I have to, say a year or so before 7's support ends.

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