Impact Vehicle Library

There is only 1 producer of Vehicle outlines in the UK. Impact Graphic Solutions have been producing their Impact Vehicle Library since 1995. Of late there have been quite a few sellers on ebay pirating copies of the outlines and them selling them on ebay as their own. This is no different than buying a music cd or computer game then producing copies and selling them. Impact will pursue anybody that pirates their software primarily through ebays vero program, then follow that up with legal action if necessary.

The library is an ongoing collection that has been 12 years in the making, many 1000's of hours have been spent meticulously producing the outlines. Knowing all of this some people think it is fine to burn a copy and list it on ebay at a cut down price. It is theft pure and simple. Impact's Vehicle Library is available for £99. It is supplied with a fully illustrated 250 page manual.


The most accurate and up to date vehicle wrap templates created specifically for North American vehicle graphics professionals. All images are representational. If you are a new customer, please select this option for your purchase. All customers will be verified before order. Digicamcontrol Mac Download. Impact Vehicle Outline Library 2017 Edition. The Impact Vehicle Outline Library is our flagship product here at Impact Graphic Solutions. It is a collection of.