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The D3DRM.DLL file is the Dynamic Link Library for Direct3D Retained Mode, an older DirectX display technology that was not included with Windows Vista. Direct3D is used to render three dimensional images in applications where performance is important; the most common examples of which are games, CAD drawing programs and graphics editing software.

The error message displayed varies by program, but some some of the more common ones are: • 'Failed to initialize Direct3D with current settings' • 'Cannot find the file d3drm.dll' • 'This application has failed to start because d3drm.dll was not found' • 'D3DRM.dll is not loaded' This error is usually a sign that the d3drm.dll file has been deleted, corrupted or altered in such a way that makes it unusable to your program. To fix errors like this: 1.

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Install the latest version of Microsoft DirectX. It will fix the d3drm.dll error.

Uninstall the game or software program and then reinstall it again. Update the drivers for your video card. If it doesn,t work copy d3drm.dll file to the system folder.

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