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Dec 31, 2017 - You can download the actual. Original Data Format arff Name german_credit Version mldata 0 Comment. Description of the German credit dataset. Another older available one is 'German Credit fraud data', which is in ARFF format as used by Weka machine learning. Gpsmapedit 2 1 Keygen Free. Recent publications: GOTCHA! The UCI German Dataset. The source: this data set is a public benchmark from the UCI Machine. The dataset in ARFF format. German phone rates are. Educational Process Mining (EPM): A Learning Analytics Data Set. German credit data set arff free download, head bobbed whats your name 4minute mp3 download free.

UCI Machine Learning Repository: Statlog (German Credit Data) Data Set Repository Web Statlog (German Credit Data) Data Set Download:, Abstract: This dataset classifies people described by a set of attributes as good or bad credit risks. Comes in two formats (one all numeric). Also comes with a cost matrix Data Set Characteristics: Multivariate Number of Instances: 1000 Area: Financial Attribute Characteristics: Categorical, Integer Number of Attributes: 20 Date Donated 1994-11-17 Associated Tasks: Classification Missing Values? N/A Number of Web Hits: 344943 Source: Professor Dr. Hans Hofmann Institut f'ur Statistik und 'Okonometrie Universit'at Hamburg FB Wirtschaftswissenschaften Von-Melle-Park 5 2000 Hamburg 13 Data Set Information: Two datasets are provided. The original dataset, in the form provided by Prof. Chungking Express Torrent Kat. Hofmann, contains categorical/symbolic attributes and is in the file ''.

For algorithms that need numerical attributes, Strathclyde University produced the file ''. This file has been edited and several indicator variables added to make it suitable for algorithms which cannot cope with categorical variables. Several attributes that are ordered categorical (such as attribute 17) have been coded as integer. This was the form used by StatLog.