Geodimeter Software Tools 2.0

List Of Software Tools

Installing Geodimeter Software Tools Installing Geodimeter System Tools (SP GST) Spectra Precision Geodimeter Software Tools 2.02 requires Windows 95, 98, NT 4 Service Pack 4 or 2000. This supersedes previous versions including GeoTools and Geodimeter Software Tools 1.0 for DOS. Msi Ms 7529 Ver 1.1 Manual.

That means you can uninstall just Geodimeter Software Tools 2.0 Manual anything on your computer, but Geodimeter Software Tools 2. Download Ultraman Fighting Evolution 3 Pc 2016 - Torrent. 0 Manual careful to only ax programs.

To install SP GST, run the setup program in the SPGST folder of the Terramodel 9.7 CD or Geocomp 10 CD. No dongle is required. These tools are useful with Geodimeter instruments and data only. You may need to rename data files including extensions. Hiding of file extensions can be reversed under View. Folder Options in a Windows Window. Folder Options.

Check the unit settings after installation as you might want to change the angle units from grads to DMS!