Fn Belgian Mauser Serial Numbers

Hi I came across a FN Mauser configured in 25-06 that was in excellent condition and it is now part of my collection. This was my first Mauser type rifle.

Fn Belgium Mauser Serial Numbers

On the side of the rifle is The Fabrique Nationale d'Armes de Guerre and underneath is Herstal. On that same side there are some symbols with PV and an arrow pointing away from the PV. Lego Education Nxt G 2.1 Download here. On the other side is a number stamped 7900. Unfortunately the scope mount is hiding what is on top of the barrel, however, it looks like a crest symbol or perhaps a flower. The bolt has a flag safety that must have been modified with a Buehler safety because it is a two position with safe on when the flag is turned upward and off when turned to the right which I understand is opposite of the 3 position mauser type.

This also appears to be a large ring Mauser. It took awhile to find the bolt release on the left side of the rifle and more time to learn to push the floor plate towards the trigger while depressing the plate pin to remove the assembly and even longer to remove the firing pin. Two photos are attached for viewing. Does anyone have an idea when this FN action was made? Chances are very good that if you pull the scope mount off there will be a national crest on the reciever ring and a date of manufacture.

History for FN Collectors including FN browning 1900, 1922 and Hi Power pistol, Mauser 1924, 1930 rifles, FN-49, FN FAL rifle. The FN Browning 1900 was introduced in 1900 after Belgian military trials requested changes to the Model 1899. The Model 1900 has larger grips which are secured with screws, has French.