Examination Seating Arrangement Software Free Download

Exam Seating Plan Software Free Download

Kmsauto Lite Portable V1.2.1. Trimble Dc File Editor. EXAMINATION HALL SEATING ARRANGEMENT SYSTEM ABSTRACT Presently, the seating arrangement for the examinations is done manually. Initially the examination section has to collect all student examination registration details branch wise and year wise. These details include name, roll no., branch, year, list of subjects registered for exam. The administrator need to count the total number students registered. Then he needs to select the rooms and divide the students among those rooms. After dividing the rooms, he need to prepare students list for each based on the exam. He also needs to prepare the seating arrangement list for each room based upon the count.

All this work need to be done for each exam and for each branch and year. This is very tedious work and there are many chances for mistakes to occur due to manual work. The ―examination seating arrangement system‖ atomizes the existing system of assigning seating arrangement. When a student registers for an examination, this system stores student examination registration details (name, roll no., branch, year & semester, subjects) in the database depending on the branch, year & semester. These details can be efficiently used whenever required. The system takes the details as input from the database depending on the selected branch.