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1: Like other instruments based on Play, Goliath's Browser menu provides easy visual navigation to its sound libraries through a simple hierarchical menu. Quantum Leap Goliath combines the entire 32 GB sound set of Quantum Leap Colossus with 8 GB of additional sounds.

Download Swos Money Maker. As with Colossus, all of Goliath's content derives from past and current EastWest collections. (For comparisons with Colossus, see the online bonus material “Goliath versus Colossus” at emusician.com/bonus_material.) Play, the proprietary playback engine introduced several months ago, powers Goliath's massive sample library. Goliath offers standalone, RTAS, and VST versions for Mac OS X and Windows, as well as AU for the Mac and DXi for Windows.

East West Quantum Leap Torrent

Installation is time-consuming, as you'd expect with a 40 GB, 6-DVD package. You'll need an iLok copy-protection key and account, and once everything is installed, you must register the new software with iLok before Goliath is ready to rock. I tested Goliath 1.0.056 with Ableton Live 7.02, MOTU Digital Performer 5.13, Steinberg Cubase 4.1.2, and Apple Logic Pro 7.1. Pay for Play EastWest's Play software instrument switches between two windows: Browser and Player. The uncomplicated Browser lists available drives on the left and Play sound libraries just below.