Dual Shock Drivers Exe

Update: Copy revised for accuracy and additional clarity. Nearly four years into a new console generation, the PlayStation 3 is all but extinct. Gamers have few reasons to break out their PS3 (unless they need an oversized paperweight). Still, if you’ve got a, those old PlayStation controllers can be put to good use.

Dual Shock Driver Exe

Downloadable Chime Pc Suite. All you’ll need is a few minutes and a Mini USB cable –which — and you can sync your PlayStation 3 Controller with your PC. If that interests you, we’ve thrown together the guide below, so you can ditch the mouse and keyboard for something a bit more traditional. Update Drivers and.NET Framework First, connect your PlayStation 3 controller to your PC via USB, and Windows should begin installing an initial set of drivers. Some of these are likely already installed on your system, but just in case, make sure you’ve got the,, and (2010 or later should work). If you’re running Windows 10, the Xbox driver should install automatically, but you may need to download it manually if you’re running an older operating system. You can check your currently installed drivers by opening Command Prompt and typing in “driverquery,” before hitting the Enter key. Once you’ve installed all the relevant drivers, it’s time to download the third-party software that will enable your DualShock 3 controller to work with your PC.