Dsl 2640t Firmware Download D Link

I can confirm you that 2640T isn't present in Europe. It's better to search in their FTP sites! You can find all of them in my signature 'D-Link sites'. But generally in Singapore FTP and Taiwan Technical Support you can find the latest versions! Actually Taiwan site was the first I checked, but they didn't have firmwares listed for this one (2640T EU-A Ver. Samsung Galaxy Note Shv-e160s Firmware Download.

D Link Dsl 2640t Firmware Download

Iirc, they had some B3's and B5's. So, I quickly lost interest.

Though I saw a back picture (and some others) of a EU-A Ver. B3 in some thai site, and several mentions of the 2640T -in general- on several other thai sites, and perhaps a couple in brazil, hence why I said earlier probably only is/was available in South East Asia + Latin America.

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