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@usamapk Yes, I did. Synthogy Ivory V1 5 Keygen Mac. Works just great. Installed twice, as I never used osx86 before. Is just amazing.

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I upgraded (also twice) to 10.6.4. Apart from this upgrade were 6 more. ITunes, java and few more. Sound is perfect, everything is just perfect. Except one little thing that pisses me off. Any help highly appreciated! My problem is Preview returns a blank (white color) screen.

The images look good as thumbnails on my desktop or if I open them with Safari, Firefox or even Adobe Lightroom 3. But the (default) preview simply wont work. Needless to say I can't capture screen. Makes the photomachine click sound, but that's all. Is never saved as an image.

And I did all the 'delete pref in home --- Library --- Preferences ---- systemconfiguration'. I did it all, I checked the 'force 32 bit', I even tried in safeboot, in 32, in 64, every(damn)way.:) I can't get it work. I would like to know if the devs know about this problem, because at this point I see 2 possibilities: 1)Rather I had to check something else in the bootloader (efi, whatsoever) where the patches, drivers and the rest is, or 2) Is a problem with the distribution.

As I said never ever knew how a os x looked like (on some system) till yesterday. And I would really need some help, pretty please! Worked for me: Using HP DV9000, Intel Core 2 Duo, 2 gig RAM, ATI Radeon laptop. Before installing, I clicked on the Custom button and (in addition to the existing selections) I selected: +EVO Enabler +Sleep Enabler +ATI 48xx +ATI Framebuffer +Laptop HW Unselected: -AppleACPIThermal On first bootup, you must type -x cpus=1 at the boot prompt. Keygen Runner Osx more. Then, go to the /System/Library/Extentions and remove ATIRadeonX2000.kext (because this was causing a kernel panic for me.) On subsequent bootups, you must always use cpus=1 I recommend you also use -v just in case you are getting kernel panics. @tushar199 Mine is Palit too;). I will tell you the configuration that works to me.