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This 95/96 version is an update of the classic Sensible Soccer action-oriented soccer game, this version sports sharper graphics, updated teams information, and more weather conditions you can choose from. As in the original, SWOS delivers a furious action on the pitch, with intuitive controls of tiny players that allow curve balls and bicycle kicks. Download Seo Powersuite Full Crack Pc. Choose from a staggering number of league and national teams to compete in major tournaments. 1000 Nintendo Nes Roms Pack. Highly recommended!

And if you love the game, be sure to check out SWOS 96/97, the best game in the series -- also on this site, of course;) Review By HOTUD. Norton 86 2016-09-16 -1 point DOS version This game is by far the best of of Sensible Soccer series. It is also probably the BEST SOCCER GAME EVER (alongside Tehkan World Cup, Kick Off 2, Virtua Soccer, Pro Evolution 17 and FIFA 2000). It was the FIRST EVER to have CAREER MODE!!! Moreover, the gameplay is exciting, entertaining and addictive, so watch out!:) It may be what we call 'user friendly' (easy) but still, it does not lack of agony, suspense and competitiveness. It works perfect on both Dos and Amiga, I can't really choose. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED TO THOSE WHO LOVE SOCCER AND FUN!!

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SWOS Money Maker This tool is a patch to give you 100,000£ to buy as many players as you want for your squad. Download SWOS Money Maker 3.0. Nov 12, 2015 - Sensible Soccer and Sensible World of Soccer remain two of the world's most revered football games, decades after their release. Now their creator Jon Hare is reviving them under a new name. Hare has launched a Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign to raise at least £300,000 to make Sociable Soccer,.