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Sims 3 Dog Sliders

Sliders, etc Here is a list of. Horse Size Slider, Baroque Neck Slider by Bongo. (Sims 3 Pack &.package File) DOWNLOAD. Newmarket Exercise Sheet. Mods/Tools/Hacks Horse size slider mod, so happy I found. I hated how you couldn't make horses taller or shorter in Sims 3, so I was freakin' ecstatic when I found.

I have on offer today three more sliders for your hoofed creations! Head Size Overall head size slider, which can be found in the main head adjustment panel. Does not clip with reins or bridles. There may be some clipping with other objects, Sims, the ground, etc during certain animations; the larger you make the head, the more likely it will clip. Belly Width Controls the width of the horse's belly, without affecting the rest of the body.

Ripened Peach Crack there. Found in the body panel of Create a Pet. Works correctly with saddles. Sims riding on the horse will splay their legs a fair bit, but they don't clip at all.

Muzzle Size Controls the height of the muzzle tip. Found in the Muzzle panel of Create a Pet (under the advanced head controls). Perfect for many breeds of horses, including Arabs and draft horses.

Compatibility The sliders are built in game version 1.33, and are compatible with all subsequent patches up to 1.55. Use with earlier versions at own risk.