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Keep in mind that up until the last two years, RPG Maker was primarily a hobbyist tool, commercial games were few and far in between, and about the only two places you could easily house a commercial game on was Aldorlea or Amaranth. Most communities were forums built for non-commercial projects, and it was a common practice to assume that unless otherwise stated, the resources were for non commercial use only, and you'd need to contact the artist (scripter, composer, etc) to negotiate commercial use. Since then, the shift has gone more towards commercial (especially with the recent commercial editions to RMN and the focus of commercial at RMW).

In recent months, there have been pushes to get artists to provide detailed ToS for their work, and I think many of them have started doing that. However, old habits die hard, and a lot of people still don't.

May 23, 2014 - I'd say, stick to RMN (rpgmaker. Horoscope Explorer V3 81 more. net), VXAN (, and RMW (rpgmakerweb. Vertex Tools Sketchup Crack 2016 here. com). Most of the artists who are still involved with RPG Maker will be on those sites, and so they are likely to provide the most recent resources and ToS on those sites, and are easier to contact with questions on.