Download Audi Radio Code Keygen Generator

Download Audi Radio Code Keygen Generator

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Howdy, ***screenshot and other code programs i have also *** After searching and searching I found Radio Code Professional.scanned with AVG 8, all is clean, install then click on Blaupunkt Help and it will guide you on was numbers to use off the serial and part number!! No more begging in forums or paying for the codes, the program does have codes for Ford, Volvo etc. Enjoy Click on link to download: PS This HAS worked for me!! Last edited by bdimaria; at 01:32 PM. Reason: added screenshot and other programs for codes I have. Don't bother with these.

Just call a few BMW dealerships local to you until you find one willing to do it for free. FWIW, in SoCal, I got Shelly BMW to give me my radio code for free (grudgingly) a week ago.

It took them less than 5 minutes to enter the serial # into their PC, and go grab the report off the printer. Also, don't fall for the 'you have to bring it in and let us take the radio out to read the serial number off the back' lie. Virtual Cd Windows 7 64 Bit Free Download.

One dealership I called wanted to charge me $80 for this unnecessary task. Google the 'm button' trick for most OEM BMW stereos to have the stereo display the serial number for you. Most dealerships won't give you the code over the phone (for obvious reasons) but may be willing to help if you show up in person and are polite about it. Although it is an old thread, I wanted to share that it worked for me today. After going to the dealer to get the code, they charged me 100 Euro for taking the radio out of the dashboard to retrieve the S/N and to tell me that the radio couldn't be found in their archives.