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DMR (Digital Mobile Radio) is a digital voice (DV) modulation scheme, which becomes more and more popular in amateur radio (ham radio). To be able to use the radio transceivers, all frequencies (channels) used must be entered as a „memory channel“ into the so called codeplug (CP). There is a huge number of local radio repeaters, as well as analogue FM repeaters and simplex frequencies, which all have to be entered into the CP by typing it manually into a programming software (CPS). Uk Border Agency Landing Card Pdf Writer there. Car Accident Simulation Program Free. Only in Germany we currently have about 300 DMR repeater, which expand to about 700 channels (2 timeslots + many mixed mode FM) only for DMR..

Principle of the CPSProgrammer: CPSProgrammer is designed to interact with the existing vendor-provided CPS software. The vendor's CPS software must be running for CPSProgrammer to update the codeplug that is open in vendor's CPS software Programming this huge numbers of channels (callsigns, frequencies, timeslot & colour code, scanlist, RXGroup, TXContact, etc.) is a huge, boring and annoying pile of work, which can sum up to days CPSProgrammer will make that work much more simple. All DV channels can be downloaded from the DMR database and than can easily be managed and extended by analogue channels, using Excel. A CSV file, to be generated from the Excel table, then will be used by the CPSProgrammer to program the channel information into the CPS. CPSProgrammer directly accesses the CPS windows controls to transfer the programming information from the CSV-file into the codeplug.

The automatic transfer of a few hundred channels into the Radio Programming Software takes a few minutes only. CPSProgrammer requires a well prepared codeplug and a well prepared database (CSV), to be able to minimize your typing work on the codeplug. Additional information can be found at this Yahoo group (founded in April 2016): Features and Limitations CPSProgrammer is an automatic programming (programming robot) of the channel information of a CPS. CPSProgrammer reads all input-information from a CSV file. CPSProgrammer is designed to interact with the existing vendor-provided CPS software.

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