Cricket Scoring Software For Mac

Cricket Scoring Software For Mac

From Total Cricket Scorer is much more than cricket scorebook software. It provides a full live score service just like the professionals and is even used at Lord's. It allows the user to study a batsman or bowler's performance in real-time via wagon wheel and length views as well as full color-coded ball-by-ball breakdowns.

Scoring can be achieved using several methods from a one-click toolbar up to full scorecard entry. This allows the part-time amateur and full-time professional scorer to get the most out of a computerized approach to scoring to produce extensive reports and statistics all inside one application. Denoiser Serial Number Crack Adobe here.

How to use the app You are initially presented with a blank screen with 'New Sheet' and 'Settings' enabled. Settings only contains a default home club setting. Create new sheet Click 'New Sheet' and enter in all the values presented. Once passed that, all the buttons will be enabled. Enter scoring events Click 'New Sheet' to start over, 'Ball' to increase the number of balls the current batsman has faced, click 'run' to increase the number of runs the current batsman has faced, click wide, no ball, and LBye to increase the number of wides no balls, leg byes, and wides. Click 'over' to increase the number of overs.

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If there was no score for that over then the number of maidens for the current bowler will increase by one. Click retired or out if the batsman leaves the pitch and enter the name of next batsman walking out. Click Bowler to add or change bowlers. Click 4 or 6 if the current batsman hits a 4 or a 6. All of the values are generally required fields for each of the popovers except for the 'Results' field just before mailing which is optional. Once you are requested for information in one of the pop overs and simply tap away from it or press the button again and the information will be updated, this is pretty standard iPad behaviour.