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In those cases, professional software is used to generate facility layouts. CORELAP (computerized relationship layout planning) generates layouts based on closeness ratings and the number of departments and their respective square footage. CORELAP's algorithm attempts to place department pairs with A rating in close. Computerized Layout Planning. Download Forticlient 64 Bit. – “Classical” layout programs » Craft, Corelap, Aldep, and Planet.

Module 7: COMPUTERISED LAYOUT PLANNING LAYOUT PLANNING PACKAGES • CONSTRUCTION PROGRAMS - CORELAP - ALDEP - PLANET, LSP, LAYOPT, RMA Comp I • IMPROVEMENT PROGRAMS - CRAFT - RUGR (based on graph theory) ALDEP AUTOMATED LAYOUT DESIGN PROGRAM Development within IBM Se ehof, J.M and W.O. Evans “Automated Layout Design Program:, The Journal of Industrial Engineering, Vol 18, No. Free Download Android Language Project. 12, 1967, pp 690 - 695. ALDEP based on closeness Ratings A = 64 E = 16 I = 4 O = 1 U 0 = 0 X = -1,024 Scoring Pattern of ALDEP • For a Cell (0) the scores of all eight neighbours areadded together (as per REL chart) • Then the cell (0) is deleted so that it is not counted again. We then proceed to the next cell till all cells are exhausted.

Corelap Layout