Captive Portal Web Template

What Is A Captive Portal

Unfortunately I cannot provide the raw resources however it is very easy as it is pure basic HTML w/ the help of Bootstrap. Helpndoc Keygen Crack there. For the assets, I created several sub-folders for css/img/ js.

Apr 17, 2015 - I am using custom pages on CP and the custom pages do not adhere to mobile responsive, is there anyway of adjusting this with the current template.

Downloaded the CSS/ JS assets from bootstrap website and put them in approrpiate folder. Background and foreground images into the img folder. Custom CSS into the right folder. In the code, use the following paths to access these assets: - $.CustomPath.$/img/. - $.CustomPath.$/css/. - $.CustomPath.$/ js/.

Use the Bootstrap grid system for responsive design. The rest of the template is purely up to you based on your requirements.

Then zip it up, add the custom zip to the portal, and test it out!

If you are deploying Peplink multi wan devices with captive portals then take a look at this new design for an external Splash Page. Free Wi-Fi on Public Transport I have been working on a large number of Wi-Fi deployments for public transport recently (mainly using ‘s and ‘s) to provide free public Wi-Fi hotspots.