As 2870 Residential Slabs And Footings Pdf

This Standard sets out the criteria for the classification of a site and the design and construction of a footing system for a single dwelling house, townhouse or similar structure which may be detached or separated by a party wall or common wall, but not situated vertically above or below another dwelling, including buildings classified as Class 1 and Class 10a in the Building Code of Australia. The Standard may also be used for other forms of construction, including some light industrial, commercial and institutional buildings if they are similar to houses in size, loading and superstructure flexibility. The footing systems for which designs are given include slab on ground, stiffened rafts, waffle rafts, strip footings, pad footings and piled footings. Download Discord Times 2 Game more. NOTE: This Standard gives no advice on detailing of the connection of superstructures to the footing systems for wind loads or earthquake loads. For design purposes, the life of the structure is taken to be 50 years. Carport Diagnose Software Download more. NOTES: 1 This Standard has been widely used for a number of years for the economical design of footings and slabs.

Footing And Slab Cost