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Entering this extremely competitive arena is 2CAudio's Aether, an algorithmic reverb plug‑in that its developers believe to be 'the best sounding reverb on the market. Aether requires a Windows VST host application running under Windows XP or Vista, or a Mac VST or Audio Units host on OSX 5.n or higher, running an. More info and download here. 2CAudio Aether. Aether is unquestionably the sound designers algorithmic reverb plugin. It was 2CAudio's debut plugin in 2009 and essentially set a new benchmark, being unmatched in. Valhalla DSP's VintageVerb and Shimmer; and 2CAudio Aether and B2 are both no-brainers here.

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Full Specifications What's new in version 1.6.4 • Fixed a crash when looking up certain Russian callsigns on HamQTH.com. Download Beamng Drive Keygen Free. • Fixed a bug that caused Aether to fail to launch on some systems running OS X 10.7 Lion. • Fixed bug that could cause auto update installation to fail in very rare cases. • Fixed incorrect padding of minutes field of latitude longitude in ADIF output. • Fixed broken AppleScript lookup command.